Experienced Professionals

Ireneusz Tomczak


+48 (22) 314 14 60

For almost 10 years, he has been investing in and developing projects related to knowledge and education. Co-founder and partner of three early stage funds: Nowy Horyzont (Operational Programme - Innovative Economy 3.1), Knowledge Hub and AgriTech. Entrepreneur, expert, investor specializing in creating new business projects and building their value, involved especially in R&D projects and technology transfer.
From the beginning of his career, he has been associated with the training and consulting market in Poland. Co-founder of the emerging T&D market, founding member of PSTD (Polish Society for Training and Development, ASTD branch), Board Member and then President in IFTDO (International Federation of Training & Development Organizations) from 2008, a global HRD organization bringing together nearly 700,000 members from 40 countries.
Since 2006, the founder and President of the Management Observatory Foundation, an Innovation Center accredited by the Ministry of Development. Initiator of the ecosystem for a group of projects related to the development of digital education under a common Digital Knowledge sub-brand.

Jan Wykrytowicz


Expert in the field of research and business strategies (including digital transformations) with several years of experience in building and developing brands on the media market. He held managerial positions in the largest media companies in Poland – CANAL + and TVN. In 2015-2017, he launched and managed one of the first Corporate VC in Poland – TVN Ventures. He advises in investment processes at the seed stage and early stage growth. Juror at international startup competitions. He lectures at the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw. As an investment manager, Jan is responsible for project acquisition and comprehensive supervision of the investment process as well as management of portfolio companies.

Anna Kornaszewska Styś

CFO (Chief Finance Officer)

Financial director with 20 years of experience in the position related to financial management, especially in the startup environment. Anna has a thorough knowledge in managing finances, financial and management accounting, tax regulations as well as experience and skills in team management. She has extensive experience in running company's financial risk, planning and keeping financial records as well as reporting to the higher levels in the company. As an external Finance Director, she has financial and controlling supervision over a portfolio of over 40 companies under 2 VC funds.

Monika Nowacka-Sahin

Business Acceleration Expert

Expert in the area of designing education and training programs. Manager of major education and training projects co-financed with EU funds, including: ‘Profesjonalny Menedżer E-biznesu’ (Professional E-Business Manager), ‘Nowe Media w Edukacji’ (New Media in Education). For years, she has been assisting the placement of event projects, also supported by modern technologies. Originator and organizer of several hundred events, workshops, business trainings with several years of experience including HR Congress, Sales Congress and many more. Currently, she collaborates with the Digital Knowledge Observatory, creates and implements educational projects in the Digital Knowledge Village Foundation’s conference and technology center.

Piotr Maczuga

CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer)

For over a decade, he has dealt with the issues of using new technologies in adult education. Co-author of textbooks on webinars, webcasts, knowledge pills and other methodologies. Author of trainings in the use of multimedia in learning and business as well as publications devoted to this subject. On a daily basis, he heads the Digital Knowledge Lab – the largest production studio of educational multimedia in Poland operating within the Digital Knowledge Village ecosystem. He lectures at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences..

Robert Jarski

Investment Manager

Podczas 15-to letniej kariery zawodowej zdobyłem szerokie doświadczenie w sektorze finansowym w zakresie due diligence finansowego, monitoringu i kontroli realizacji przedsięwzięć inwestycyjnych, a także wejść kapitałowych i doradztwa inwestycyjnego. Finansowane przedsięwzięcia inwestycyjne opiewają na kwotę około 120 milionów EUR.

Ponadto posiada umiejętności biegłej komunikacji w międzynarodowym środowisku, budowania relacji oraz współpracy i koordynowaniu zadań w zespołach.

Znajomość systemów ERP, narzędzi MS Office.

Kluczowe kompetencje / umiejętności personalne / techniczne:

- Zarządzanie Funduszem BridgeAlfa

- Komercjalizacja projektów B+R

- Modelowanie biznesowe

- Realizacja procesów inwestycyjnych

- Analiza Komponentu B+R

- Due diligence Finansowe

- Controling Finansowy

Konrad Ozdowy

Investment Manager

Startup projects coordinator with many years of experience in the startup ecosystem. Successfully exited his startup and now supports young entrepreneurs on their way to success. Highly skilled in fundraising, business consulting, planning and organization of large events, as well as in the area of retail and e-commerce sales. He has been actively involved in business development for over 10 years. Creative and analytical, proven negotiator and successful event organizer.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela